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How Often Should I Service My Air Con?

Although modern air conditioning units are built to give hassle-free, reliable service year in year out, like all mechanical systems they benefit from a tune up. Have your unit checked in the spring and you are guaranteed it will work at peak efficiency during the summer months when you need it most. Even if you do not suspect your unit of malfunction, servicing it also keeps your unit hygienic and prevents airborne allergens and bacteria… Continue Reading

Do I need to maintain my air conditioner?

Yes, you do. Air conditioning systems are designed to provide homes and businesses with a comfortable, healthy and safe air temperature. When a system is well-maintained, these advantages can be enjoyed without worrying about the quality of air that is being circulated around a room. Exactly why an air conditioner should be kept clean and maintained is not widely known by everyone. This week we will answer this question and more, specifically what maintenance you… Continue Reading

Where should my AC be positioned?

Before discussing the correct position for your air conditioner, it is worth making clear that a trusted air conditioning installer will position your air conditioner in the optimal position to maximise efficiency and make your home, garage or place of business exactly the right temperature. These are just a few of the things an installations expert considers when fitting your new AC unit: Installing the unit where you work or sleep If you are installing… Continue Reading

Why Ventilation Is Important for Winter Air Quality

The harsh cold of winter holds a strong influence over us every year, and we often try our hardest to keep our homes warm and as free from draughts as possible. Unfortunately, people often overlook the importance of ventilation during the winter months. Winter air can be of poorer quality, and without proper regulation you can find yourself suffering for keeping those windows constantly closed. In this article, we’re looking at the use of proper… Continue Reading

Common Winter Air Conditioning Problems

With the winter chill in the air, it’s time to switch focus to keeping your home as warm and comfortable as possible. Your air conditioner can be a great help during this time of year, but with the cold comes numerous seasonal threats to your machinery. To help you stay warm this winter, we thought it would be handy to take a look at some of the common problems which can affect your air con… Continue Reading

Why is My Air Conditioning Making Noises?

Your air conditioner should provide efficient and effective temperature control to your property for many years, with very little trouble at all. However, there are times that something might end up going wrong, so it’s important to know the signs of failure, damage or faults that may occur in your air conditioner. Your air con unit may begin to make loud, regular or annoying noises which will be very difficult to miss. These can come… Continue Reading

What is the F Gas Regulation and how does it affect my AC Unit?

As people become more aware of the dangers of global warming it is important to make sure that steps are taken to limit the impact we have on the environment. This has a direct influence on owners and manufacturers of air conditioning units and has led to the implementation of specific legislation to make air conditioning units safer for the environment. FM Mechanical Ltd hold F Gas Certification so we know the ins and outs… Continue Reading

Guide to Commercial Air Conditioning

Keeping your employees productive during the sweltering summer months might be tricky, and one way to make that even tricker is to overlook your air conditioning system. Here at FM Mechanical Ltd, we know the value of a top-quality air conditioning unit in the workplace, so here’s a guide to the types of commercial air conditioning units you can find. There are three main types of commercial air conditioning units, each with differing applications: Single… Continue Reading

What is the Optimal Temperature for Your Workout?

  Temperature plays an important role in exercise and can have a dramatic influence on the effectiveness of your workout. If you haven’t properly made allowances for hot or cold temperatures, you might end up suffering the effects. Here are some pointers on what temperatures make for comfortable workouts, and how you might combat against the dangers of working out when it’s too hot or too cold. Recommended ttemperature A moderate air temperature of around… Continue Reading

The Most Productive Room Temperature

The temperature of your premises can hugely affect the productivity of your employees, and their well being. Too hot, and tempers get frayed and energy reduces, but too cold and the more distracted your staff will be, and the more likely that they will make errors and get sick. With so much hanging in the balance, getting your premises’ temperature right is crucial. Here, we’re looking at the most productive room temperature, so you can… Continue Reading

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