Common Air Conditioning Misconceptions

Don’t be taken in by myths with air conditioning misconceptions. Many people aren’t quite sure how air conditioning systems work. By reading up on air conditioning and separating fact from fiction, you can get more from your system and achieve optimal comfort. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest air conditioning misconceptions in Leeds, Barnsley, Sheffield, and Hull.


Common air conditioning misconceptions [infographic]

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“Air conditioning gives me a cold”

Some people think that using air conditioning might give them a cold. This is not true. Colds are caused by viruses rather than low temperatures. If you have avoided using your air conditioning because you’re worried it will give you a cold, there is no need to do this. Make the most of your system.

“Keeping my thermostat at the same temperature will reduce my bills”

It’s not uncommon for people to assume that leaving their thermostat at the same temperature all day will help them keep their energy bills down. Again, there is no truth in this. If you leave it at the same temperature whilst you are away from home, you could actually be wasting money. Use a programmable thermostat to warm your home whilst you are out but set it to start cooling down when you’re due to arrive home. Thanks to modern technology, you can even change the temperature from your smartphone through an app when you are away from your house.

“Air conditioners only cool the air”

Many air conditioners don’t just cool the air inside your home. They can also pull moisture from the air via the process of dehumidification. This helps you win the battle against mould and mildew growth. Why not see if your system has a dehumidification feature so you can improve air quality?

“The bigger the unit, the better”

Some people purchase large air conditioning systems even though they don’t need them. The system that you buy should be in proportion to the size of your house. If you buy a bigger system than you need, you’ll only be wasting cash. This is because it will consume more power than is necessary.

“A fan works just as well”

Perhaps you have been considering using a fan to cool the air instead of an air conditioning unit? A problem with this is that you’ll only be moving air around. You’ll struggle to reduce the temperature if you are using a fan rather than a proper air conditioning system.

“I only need to have my unit serviced if it’s not working properly”

It’s also quite common for people to postpone servicing their air conditioning system because they don’t feel that it’s necessary. However, servicing is a vital process that prolongs the life of your unit. It can help you identify faults before they spiral out of control and leave you with sizeable repair bills. It’s very wise to stick to your air conditioning servicing schedule if you want it to last you for many years. 

Even if you haven’t spotted any problems, it’s still important to have your system maintained. It’s best to have your system maintained during the spring. However, carrying out checks at any time of year is better than not maintaining it at all. Servicing will also ensure your warranty remains valid and maintain energy-efficiency.

“I can make my home cooler faster by choosing a low temperature”

A lower thermostat setting doesn’t mean that your home will be cooled any faster. This is not how air conditioning works. Your air conditioning system sees your thermostat setting as a target, and it will run for as long as it takes to reach this. By opting for a setting that’s too low for your needs, you could risk damaging the indoor coils. Making your home too cold will just result in wasted power and bigger fuel bills. Your thermostat should remain at 70°F or above.

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“It’s important to top off my refrigerant”

You don’t need to “top off” your refrigerant. If you add more refrigerant to your system, you could overcharge it and cause it to break down. The only time you would need to add extra refrigerant is if you have spotted a leak.

“It doesn’t matter if I don’t change my filter”

It’s also very important to change your filter at least every three months. If you fail to do this, your system could become inefficient. The job of the filter is to protect the interior of your system, not to clean your air. This means you should replace the filter when necessary even if your air appears to be fine.

“Ice is a sign my system is working well”

If you spot ice on your air conditioner, take action as soon as you can. Many people believe that ice is a sign that their system is working properly, but this is not the case. Contact a professional as soon as you can if you have seen ice on your system, as this could be a sign of a serious issue.

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