Different Types of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a must-have for commercial properties up and down the country, as well as domestic properties in warm areas. There are as many styles of air conditioning system as there are buildings to install them in. However, it’s easy to navigate the range with a little expert advice. Let’s take a look at the different types of air conditioning for commercial and domestic properties.

Commercial: Split System

A single split system is an energy efficient choice for small commercial buildings such as cafes, shops, offices, and server rooms. For every blower unit that cools a room indoors, you will need exterior space for an outdoor unit that condenses the air. This is the only downside to this type of system. If you do not have the exterior space, you may need to look into smaller domestic systems (see below) for your purposes.

Commercial: Multi-Split System

Multi-split systems are similar to single splits but with a multi-split you can connect up to nine indoor units to a smaller number of outdoors units. This is the most affordable and effective option for larger premises, such as restaurants, medium-sized shops and GP practices. Multi-splits have an advantage over installing many single split units, in that there are fewer outdoor units to conceal on the exterior of your property. However, you should allow for extra installation time because of the additional pipework required to cover the building to effectively deliver cool air.

Commercial: VRF and VRV

VRF and VRV are two names for the same system of air conditioning. Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) is a generic name for this kind of air conditioner, whereas variable refrigerant volume (VRV) is a term copyrighted by Daikin.

VRF systems are the best for larger coverage areas, such as department stores, office blocks, and entire shopping centres. This system is designed to meet the heating and cooling requirements of whole building complexes and, as such, are built to be as energy efficient as possible. They also boast a relatively affordable installation cost and reduced installation time when compared to installations of many multi-split units.

Domestic: Portable Air Con

Portable air conditioners are great for the homeowner who wants minimum cost and disruption, but with the same great effect of an air conditioned home. Portables are usually free-standing units with an attached window kit designed to redirect hot air flow to the outside. The portable units also remove moisture from the air which is ideal for damp or humid rooms such as the kitchen. The portable air conditioner does not require permanent installation and can be moved from room to room. However, it is not as efficient as its fully installed equivalent.

Domestic: Ductless Mini-Split System

As the name would imply, the ductless mini-split system is similar to the split system of air conditioning described above. The unit comes in two parts, the outdoor condenser and an indoor blower unit. Unlike their commercial split system counterparts, ductless mini-split systems have much smaller units so that they can be placed discreetly around the home. They are also far more efficient than a portable system.

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