Fans vs Air Conditioners – which is better?

Should you turn to a fan or an air conditioner to stay cool? Both options provide some form of relief from the heat, but how do the two compare? 

Read on to find out which is the better option.

metal electric fan on a white background


Fans and air conditioners both come in various sizes, depending on make and model. However, many air conditioners are installed on the wall instead of the floor. This may be a more valuable asset, especially if used in a small room.


Again, noise will vary from model to model. Generally, the larger the product the noisier it will be. Many modern air conditioning units come with a ‘silent mode’ that reduces noise significantly.


If cooling your home — or even just one room — is your aim, an air conditioner will be far more effective. 

Fans aren’t capable of expelling hot air or producing cool air. Fans simply move ambient air around a room.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, remove warm air from inside your home and bring in cooler air from outside. This makes them far more effective at cooling your home. Air conditioners will continue this process until your home has been lowered to the desired temperature. Fans are incapable of cooling your home to a desired limit. They will just continue to move the same air around perpetually.

Not only will the air be cooler by using an air conditioner, it will also be cleaner. Air conditioners remove toxins by replacing stagnant air with fresh air. Fans are unable to do this.


Air conditioners extract moisture from the air, condense it and deposit it outside. This process dehumidifies a room, preventing the emergence of damp and mould.
Fans are incapable of this process. Your home will continue to be prone to damp and mould, which can cause a variety of respiratory problems. Energy efficiency

A fan will generally use less energy than an air conditioner. However, modern air conditioners are becoming more energy-efficient with every generation – many of the top air conditioner brands have released models packed with energy-saving features.

Though fans do generally use less energy, they are incapable of successfully cooling a home. You may find that you keep a fan on for far longer than your air conditioner without actually enjoying the benefits.

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