Fun facts about air-conditioning [Infographic]

Who doesn’t love walking into a cool, air-conditioned home or office when it’s hot outside? Or getting a good night’s sleep because the air-con unit is keeping us comfortable and relaxed? Air-conditioning has changed many people lives for the better. At FM Mechanical, we know all there is to know about air-conditioning, so we thought we’d tell you a few fun facts about it that you probably never knew. Read on to discover some fun facts about air conditioning which is one of the world’s best inventions.


Fun Facts About Air Conditioning [Infographic]

Air-conditioning was measured in ‘Ice Power’

‘Ice power’ was initially used to measure the output of air-conditioning. In other words, how many blocks of ice were required to produce the same level of cooling power. Before modern air-conditioning, people rated their ability to cool indoor spaces by the volume of ice that melted. When the ice melts, it takes heat power from the surroundings. 143 BTUs (British Thermal Units) are needed to melt down 1lb of ice. The ice melts as heat is transferred to it. To melt one “ton” of ice, you need around 12,000BTUs/hr.  We hope you enjoyed your science lesson!

Air-conditioning wasn’t invented for comfort

Air conditioning may be used to keep people cool when it’s hot outside, but this wasn’t its first use. The very first air-conditioner was built for business back in 1902 specifically to control the temperature and humidity in a colour printing factory in Brooklyn. A man called Willis Carrier wanted to find a way to prevent the paper from expanding and then contracting, as well as solve problems they were having with the ink. Air-conditioning was the ideal solution. 

Movie theatres were the first buildings to be air-conditioned

Do you ever feel a little chilly when you go to the cinema? That’s no accident! Movie theatres were the first buildings to receive air-conditioning back in 1925 when the Rivoli Theatre approached Willis Carrier to install the first unit.  Before then, in the ‘20s, cinemas would be empty in the summer months as temperatures climbed. The industry basically had no attendance whatsoever. Air-conditioning changed all that, helping them to sell more tickets during the summer and helping coin the term ‘Summer blockbuster’.

Herbert Hoover was the first US present to enjoy air-conditioning

The first US present to enjoy air-conditioning in the Oval Office was Herbert Hoover back in 1929. Hoover splashed $30,000 on the unit just months after the stock market crash. Unfortunately, when Franklin D. Roosevelt came to office five years later, he didn’t appreciate it and would rarely turn the air-con system!  

Air-conditioning changed the way houses were built

Do you ever wonder what people did to keep cool before air-conditioning? Well, people built their houses differently back then, with older buildings having considerably higher ceilings. This allowed the heat to rise, allowing residents to enjoy the cooler space below. Porches and deep eaves also served to protects the windows from the sun’s heat. The construction of houses changed when air conditioning was invented. 

School’s out for summer!

Before air-conditioning, it was simply too hot for kids to be in school all summer long. This meant that during the hottest months of the year, they were sent home. Luckily for children, this hasn’t changed and they now have the summer holidays to relax and have fun whilst temperatures are at their highest. At Optimal Maintenance, we regularly install air-con units in schools and colleges across the UK, helping keep students and staff comfortable during periods of hot weather. We work with many educational establishments, gaining a fantastic reputation for our services.

The 1940 Packard was the first car with air-conditioning

Upon until 1940, driving on a hot day was pretty uncomfortable. This was the year that auto manufacturer Packard introduced air conditioning. The 1940 Packard was the first car to offer air-conditioning, although it wasn’t very popular due to it being so expensive. Plus, the blower and evaporator took up half the boot space, which wasn’t ideal! Despite this, by 1969, over half of new cars had air-conditioning, with some brands affixing decals to their windows to promote this new innovation.

We’re programmed to need it

Air-conditioning systems have become so effective that if we lost them, it’d be bad for us. Scientific studies have shown that our tolerance to heat has gone down since air-conditioning was invented. Humans can no longer handle heat like we used to as we’ve become so used to cool environments. We’ve become programmed to need air con.

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