The Future of Air Conditioning

Homes are getting smarter and so too are customers. As the hunger for futuristic features in the home increases, air conditioning and heating companies have been quick to respond to demand for clever air con to improve the home and lifestyles of its users.

Driving forward new research has been key to delivering commercial and domestic air conditioning units for the 21st century. Here’s the latest.

3D Printing Prototypes

New materials and methods means that 3D printing rapid prototypes have revolutionised the research and development processes of big brands like Samsung.
It’s also streamlined this phase, which means multiple ideas can be pursued at once and dropped as the winning design comes to the fore. If this isn’t the case, designers can combine multiple elements from numerous concepts to create something new to bring to market. That is the broad process which has lead to our next point.

Smart Technologies

Home automation has been in the imaginations of young inventors for decades and only now, in 2018, is it becoming a realisable goal. That’s thanks to the internet of things, which sees your kettle boil itself via an app, and even has your bath fill itself using the same means.
Who knows where it will lead but for now, be assured that remotely controlling your heating and air conditioning using the internet is affordable, innovative and could save money in the long term.

No more worry as you go on holiday and fret about the thermostat. Simply change it using your phone or tablet. No more cold winter nights, as many smart heaters are learning their owner’s habits and adapting cooling and heating cycles to suit their lifestyles. Health, too, can be greatly improved thanks to smart air cons that adapt the temperature depending on the time you go to bed. From there, the unit micro-adjusts the thermostat to give you the deepest sleep, depending on where you are in your sleep cycle.

Style and Function

Product designers are experiencing a renaissance. To the average consumer, this means that everything from their mobile phone to their car is getting sleeker, more refined and aesthetically pleasing. This is true of air conditioners, too. Not so long ago, a homeowner or business could choose any colour they desired for their unit – so long as it was fridge-freezer white.

Today, the ‘any colour you want’ philosophy is a reality, as manufacturers aim to offer a service that is capable of fulfilling a business’s branding requirements or making a domestic home look appealing both inside and out. White, large, ugly boxes are being phased out in favour of more choice, and choice is always a good thing.

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