Health benefits of air conditioning

Rather than just being a luxury, an air conditioner brings many health benefits you might not have thought about before now. In this post we’ll be listing exactly how air conditioners aid people with particular health conditions, improve living environments and boost your overall health.


Whether you are inside or outside, the air you breathe is full of allergens, dust, particulates and pollution. When an air conditioner takes in air, it is filtered in order to remove impurities and exchanged for clean air at exactly the right temperature. This is how air conditioners dramatically improve indoor air quality.

Who benefits?

The short answer is everyone. However, air conditioning is particularly beneficial to:

  • People with allergies to airborne particles
  • People living in areas with poor air quality
  • People with respiratory conditions
  • People with sinus issues
  • People with temperature stress conditions

Air quality and health

Our environmental conditions need to be managed when we live and work in close knit communities such as apartments, offices and shopping centres. Even if you have excellent health, poor air quality can quickly lead to issues. Fumes, insecticides, diesel particulates and general pollution are just some of the airborne health hazards that are invisible to the naked eye. These are removed from the air by a well maintained air filter system.

Faster Metabolism

Our metabolic rate slows in warmer temperatures and we are more likely to overeat. This was a positive biological reaction thousands of years ago when we needed to store fat in our bodies to help us survive during the winter months. However, due to our current lifestyles, this evolutionary quirk can result in obesity. Insulated homes and workplaces give consistently warm temperatures all year round, but air conditioners are the perfect tool to control the air temperature, cooling our bodies and therefore speeding up our metabolism.

Comfort and temperature

Minor ailments such as headaches, colds, coughing and joint pain can be caused by environments that are excessively cold or warm. The body will respond by cooling or warming itself and this can snowball into other problems such as dehydration. When an environment is too dry or humid, the same problems occur. With air conditioning, the body does not have to continually adapt to changes in air temperature.


Bacteria and insects

Lower indoor temperatures are proven to remove the risk of insect infestation and limits the amount of bacteria that is airborne. In the same way that a fridge delays the process of microbial growth, an air conditioner running between 21 and 25 degrees celsius makes for an environment that is inhospitable to bacteria and insects.

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