How often should commercial air conditioning units be serviced?

Are you wondering how often should commercial air conditioning units be serviced? If so, you’re not alone. Many business owners aren’t sure how frequently they need their systems inspected by a certified engineer. The truth is that regular servicing is essential for keeping air conditioners working safely and efficiently over time. Read on to find out more.

How regularly does commercial air conditioning need servicing?

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As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your commercial air conditioning unit is working efficiently. Be vigilant for any problems with the system, including strange noises such as banging, squealing or whistling, unpleasant odours, or weak or warm airflow. If your employees complain to you about their comfort levels, don’t ignore them. Respond as quickly as you can. Dealing with any issues early on can help to avoid big, expensive repairs further down the line.  

When it comes to how often should commercial air conditioning units be serviced, annually should suffice. However, although getting the system professionally inspected by a qualified engineer once a year should help to identify any major issues, it’s worth getting it serviced bi-annually if you can. Of course, if you do notice any problems with your air conditioning system before your scheduled services, don’t wait. Arrange for an engineer to inspect the system as soon as possible.

Is commercial air conditioning servicing a legal requirement?

When it comes to operating and maintaining refrigerant-based air conditioning units, there may be legal requirements that the building owner or manager must adhere to. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive states that Air Conditioning Systems of 12kW and above must have a regular inspection programme in place. As well as ensuring that an inspection has been carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the directive, you are also obliged to keep the most recent air conditioning inspection report. 

Checking for F-Gas leaks

Checking for F-Gas leaks from commercial air conditioning systems is vital. F-Gas refers to fluorinated gas and although considered ozone-friendly, most have a high global warming potential (GWP). Leak checks must be carried out in accordance with the procedure set out by the Institute of Refrigeration. For systems with 3kg or more F-Gases, leak checks are necessary at least annually. Checks must be done at least once every six months for those with 30kg or more of F-Gases.

Why is regular servicing so important?

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Regular servicing for commercial air conditioning units is vital. Not only does it help you to comply with your legal obligations, but it helps to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your staff and visitors. Some of the reasons why servicing is so important include:

  • Creating a healthy and comfortable environment
  • Ensuring your air con unit is working properly
  • Ensuring your air con unit is safe 
  • To identify issues early on and resolve them before the system breaks down
  • To improve the energy efficiency of your air con unit
  • Find ways to improve the system
  • To prevent the leaking out of refrigerant gases
  • To advise on the replacement of older systems  

Ideally, every commercial building should have an air conditioning system. Without one, your building could be uncomfortable in summer or winter, impacting the productivity of your workforce and putting your sensitive electrical equipment at risk of overheating. To ensure your system remains dependable, you should regularly service it. Without it, it’s likely to break down when you need it most. 

A well-functioning commercial air conditioning unit isn’t just essential for keeping your staff cool and comfortable but also for improving air quality. The best air con systems can remove many airborne viruses and bacteria, helping to prevent people from becoming sick. At a time where the risk of contracting Covid-19 remains high, it’s more important than ever to ensure your air conditioning unit continues working efficiently. Your commercial air conditioner can bring fresh air into your workplace whilst removing stale air that contains virus particles. In this way, it can help to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Why choose FM Mechanical

At FM Mechanical, we’ve been providing air conditioning servicing in Barnsley and Sheffield for over 30 years, establishing ourselves as leaders in our field both locally and nationally. Many businesses in various sectors of industry come to us when they want to ensure that their commercial air conditioning units are working as they should. We also help companies upgrade to newer, more eco-friendly models. 

Our air conditioning engineers are fully certified and trained to carry out a wide range of maintenance tasks. Whether you need the filters cleaning or replacing or you require major repair work on your system, we can assist. We can identify any issues as quickly as possible, making sure it stays working efficiently. 

Working with businesses in all sectors of industry

At FM Mechanical, we work with businesses in various industries both locally and nationally. Our engineers regularly install, service, and repair commercial air conditioning systems in hotels, gyms, offices, laboratories, and industrial settings, providing a professional and affordable service every time. We know how important your air con unit is to your business, which is why we’re always on hand to remedy any problems as quickly as possible. We can carry out repairs of all sizes, fixing all faults to the very highest standards.

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