How Often Should I Service My Air Con?

Although modern air conditioning units are built to give hassle-free, reliable service year in year out, like all mechanical systems they benefit from a tune up. Have your unit checked in the spring and you are guaranteed it will work at peak efficiency during the summer months when you need it most. Even if you do not suspect your unit of malfunction, servicing it also keeps your unit hygienic and prevents airborne allergens and bacteria from circulating via the unit.

A qualified technician should inspect, service and clean your air conditioning unit annually. For a technical explanation of the work a qualified technician will carry out during an air conditioner service, read our post from last month, where you can learn about air conditioner maintenance and its links to safe air quality.

Maintenance Intervals

The workload of your air conditioning unit will affect the amount of maintenance that you should invest in. If you live in a particularly hot climate, or run the air conditioning during spring, summer and autumn – or even all four seasons – you can expect to require additional maintenance. This is due to the workload of the unit directly affecting its mechanical parts, and due to the amount of atmospheric impurities that the unit will be exposed to.

Cooling and heating systems

If you are lucky enough to enjoy an air conditioner that provides cold and hot air, and you use it throughout the year, then an annual service is more than worth the time and the cost. These units, though very durable, work very hard through each season. Because of their dual functionality, these units have unique components that must also be serviced regularly if they are to successfully provide heating and cooling all year round.  



Of course, there are things you can do to minimise the costs of maintenance and keep your air conditioning unit in good working order. Air intakes and outlets are easy to access and the vents only require a regular dusting to prevent an excessive buildup of dust in the system. Anti-bacterial wipes (or their spray equivalent) are also a good value solution for the upkeep of a sanitised air conditioner.

Prevention and Cure

A good comparison for air conditioner servicing is a car MOT. Many mechanical faults in cars, like air conditioners, go unnoticed by the owner until the machine fails to do its job. A technician is trained to spot the early signs of wear in air conditioners and fix them in a timely and affordable manner. This way, the unit continues to work at peak performance and you can be assured that all parts of the system are in top working order. Avoid calling out a technician for repairs in the busiest part of the summer months by having an annual, springtime air conditioning unit service.

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