The Most Productive Room Temperature

The temperature of your premises can hugely affect the productivity of your employees, and their well being. Too hot, and tempers get frayed and energy reduces, but too cold and the more distracted your staff will be, and the more likely that they will make errors and get sick. With so much hanging in the balance, getting your premises’ temperature right is crucial. Here, we’re looking at the most productive room temperature, so you can ensure you’re getting the best out of all of your staff.

Too hot

Any temperature above 22ºC will begin to decrease staff productivity, but at 30ºC, it really begins to decline, with staff productivity dropping about 10% as the heat begins to make people lethargic and tired. As well as a decrease in work motivation, you will also find that as the temperature begins to rise, tempers begin to fray, with the excessive heat making staff uncomfortable and more likely to snap over little things. It is important to ensure that your temperature maintains below this level to keep your workforce gelled and cooperative.

Too cold

20ºC and below is considered too cold for optimal productivity. At this temperature, employees begin to focus on the uncomfortable chill in the air and are spending less time on their work. This not only decreases productivity, it also increases the chance of mistakes being made, decreasing the quality of the work being produced. It has also been found that temperatures this low can make employees more likely to become ill, with the body focusing more on warming up than fighting off illness.

Optimal temperature

Between 21-22ºC is the ideal temperature for a working environment, with your staff being a comfortable temperature and therefore less distracted from their work. This temperature will ensure that all of your staff are happy, healthy and working hard!

The effects of summer on productivity

With the office temperature proven to affect productivity, it comes as no surprise that the arrival of the summer months sees a lack of workplace motivation. One survey found that during summer, workplace productivity can fall by 20%, attendance by 18% and project turnaround time can take 13% longer! This can all be attributed to an increase in staff distraction, which the same survey puts at a whopping 45% increase.

Now you know the importance of maintaining a comfortable room temperature for your employees and the huge effects the warm summer months can have on your staff’s work, why not invest in an air conditioning unit to allow you more control over the conditions in your premises and increase your work productivity?

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