Wall Mounted AC vs Window AC

Wall mounted air conditioners are fitted over on opening in a wall and require building works in order to install. Window mounted air conditioners are fitted in a window frame in place of a pane of glass. Both share common benefits such as, lower running costs and ease of maintenance when compared to central air conditioners. However, there are some key differences that you should consider when buying air conditioning for your home.

Wall mounted air conditioners

Although there are models of wall mounted ACs that can be installed without creating a hole in an exterior wall, these units are rare. More often than not, wall-mounted means opening up a hole to the outside. Once in situ, the unit is sealed permanently to the wall and this is the most efficient way to prevent hot air coming into the home and cold air escaping out – or vice versa.

Take construction and installation costs into account when choosing a wall mounted AC, as it will require professional assistance and cannot be performed by yourself. Initial costs will typically be higher with wall mounted AC.

Window mounted air conditioners

Certain kinds of window mounted AC are easy to install without professional help, but this will come at a cost of the unit’s efficiency. Before purchasing a window mounted AC, make sure your window is fit for purpose, as awkwardly shaped windows will not be compatible.

Window mounted ACs are not permanent and must be protected, or removed and stored indoors over the winter to reduce stress on the unit. This can be an inconvenient requirement if you have a small home with little storage space. However, it is ideal if you move home frequently, as the window mounted AC unit can be taken with you and installed elsewhere. This makes for a good long-term investment.

This being said the disadvantage of a window mounted AC is that it takes up valuable space in your window. It therefore replaces some natural ventilation and sunlight that would otherwise enter the room.

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