What Are The World’s Coldest Countries?

Cold this winter? The UK is certainly not known for its high temperatures or sunny spells, but nothing quite compares to the glacial conditions experienced yearly by certain countries up and down the globe. So grab your coats, boots and woolly hats, as we take a plunge into the coldest countries in the world.


Which Parts Of The World Are The Coldest?


8. Mongolia

Traditional Yurts in Mongolia

Winters in Mongolia are long and harsh. Temperatures sometimes reach a mind-boggling -45°C, which leaves the outstretching natural landscapes deserted for miles. Though conditions are inhospitable, these natural landscapes, with coats of thick snow undefiled by human activity, are some of the most beautiful natural sights in the world.


7. Estonia

If there are two things Estonians are good at, it’s winning the Wife Carrying World Championships (for 11 consecutive years!) and battling the sporadic bouts of intense cold their country faces each year. Estonia is unique in that the cold conditions they face are the result of heavy monsoon winds and torrential rain rather than snow. However, this doesn’t make it any less cold, and it means Estonians must also battle other extreme weathering in addition to the shivering temperatures.


6. Finland

Finland is officially the world’s happiest country. And that’s perhaps all the more surprising when you consider that Finland’s climate can sometimes reach -50°C in winter. This is balanced out by their warm summers, however, which average between 13 and 17°C. Regardless, the Scandinavian population seem to revel in their weather all year round.

Iceland in winter

5. Iceland

Unlike Greenland, Iceland delivers on the promise its name gives us. Iceland — it’s a land of ice. And while the small Nordic island can be green in parts, the freezing winter climates give rise to some of the world’s most majestic frozen sites, such as the snow-covered crater of Hverfjall.


4. The US

Many Britons fail to comprehend the sheer size and scale of the United States of America. Texas alone is three times larger than the entire UK — and that’s just one of the fifty states! It is no surprise then that temperatures vary drastically across the world’s most powerful country. States like Colorado and Alaska are known for suffering from intense low temperatures, with Alaska once reaching a record -62.2°C in 1971. This is a huge contrast from states like California, which stay warm throughout the year.


3. Canada

The United States’ friendly neighbours are no strangers to cold temperatures. Canadians have the winter climate ingrained in their national identity, having formed much of their culture around skiing, ice hockey and widespread winter festivals — oh, and maple syrup. Bless you all for maple syrup.


2. Greenland

The rumours are true. Greenland isn’t all that green, it’s actually covered in ice. In fact, Greenland has less green and more ice than Iceland. This is down to its huge coastline and sub-zero temperatures. Even at its warmest, Greenland struggles to reach 10°C. Residents of Greenland can, however, boast about their air quality, which thanks to their geographical position in the high north is some of the purest in the world.russia in winter


1. Russia

Mother Russia, due to its sheer size, consists of multiple continental zones. This means that the temperature can vary fairly dramatically throughout the country, although cold conditions are generally expected. Russians survive in the cold with their traditional ushanka-hats and Valenki boots. However, they may need to wrap up a little warmer in Oymyakon — a village in the far east — which once saw temperatures drop to a staggering -71.2°C.


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