What is industrial air conditioning?

Are you looking for a way to cool down your industrial premises? If so, it makes sense to invest in an air conditioning unit. Air con units mechanically replace heat with cooled air, helping to prevent equipment from overheating and keeping staff comfortable and healthy during their shifts. Read on to find out what is industrial air conditioning and how it can benefit your business.

The importance of industrial air conditioning

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Before we consider the importance of industrial air conditioning, we need to think about what counts as an industrial environment. Generally, the term is used to describe a workplace in which conditions are less than optimal. Industrial settings tend to be harsher than normal workplaces, such as offices or retail premises. In an industrial environment, equipment and people are exposed to more extreme conditions. Examples include warehouses, plants, and factories with production lines. 

Protecting electronic equipment from overheating

Since heat can impact the efficiency and safety of electronic equipment in industrial settings, it’s vital that the air remains at the correct temperature. Heat and electrics don’t mix, and in some cases, the combination can be catastrophic. The circuit systems within electronic devices work more effectively at lower temperatures. Allowing systems to operate for long periods of time in high temperatures can impact their longevity and reliability of devices. 

Solid-state electronics, which refers to those using semiconductor devices such as transistors, diodes and integrated circuits (ICs), can start to break down at high temperatures. The hotter the temperature, the less operational the equipment will become. Most systems run around 10 to 20 degrees warmer than room temperature. As such, they often require constant cooling to function optimally. 

Maintaining the comfort and health of employees

As well as helping to keep industrial equipment running efficiently, they ensure that the personal comfort of employees is maintained. Air conditioning systems help keep staff in factories, warehouses and other settings cool and comfortable, ensuring a higher level of productivity. At the same time, they help to reduce instances of sickness resulting from breathing in harmful contaminants. “Sick building syndrome” refers to commercial buildings, including those used for manufacturing and production, where poor air quality leads to workers becoming ill simply from being there for any length of time.

When contaminants are inhaled, various illnesses can develop, causing staff to take time off work. Investing in high-quality ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) equipment can help to remove these harmful particles from the air, preventing staff from becoming sick. Industrial air conditioning is therefore critical not just for the performance and longevity of electronic equipment, but for employee comfort and health too.

How do industrial air conditioners work?

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When considering “what is industrial air conditioning?”, it’s important to think about how these systems work. In short, air con units operate in a similar way to the average refrigerator. The technology behind both of these appliances is the same – the refrigeration cycle. They both use chemicals known as refrigerants to absorb and release energy to cool the air. 

When the chemicals are compressed, the refrigerant changes from a gas to a liquid and emits heat at the condenser. When cooling a room, the process occurs outside the space. The air, which is now cool, is pumped to the unit indoors, and then expanded back into gas using the unit’s expansion valve. 

The process for air-con units and refrigerators involves turning some pipes hot and some cold. The primary difference between the two is the arrangement of the hot and cold pipes.

Industrial air conditioning installation

If your business operates in an industrial setting, it makes sense to invest in an air conditioning system to cool and ventilate your workplace. More and more companies are installing them in factories, warehouses, and other settings to ensure that their equipment continues to work optimally and that staff are comfortable and healthy. At FM Mechanical, we regularly install industrial air conditioning in Sheffield and Barnsley. Our experienced engineers fit systems from a range of industry-leading manufacturers, including Hitachi, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Daikin, and LG. 

If you’re not sure which unit is right for your workplace, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our team. We have a fantastic knowledge of the industrial air con units in our catalogue. We can offer expert advice to help you make the right choice for your company. Our industrial air conditioning systems are highly effective and simple to operate.  If you already have an air con system installed but want to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model, we’ll be happy to advise you. 

Air conditioning repairs and servicing 

At FM Mechanical, we also carry out repairs and servicing of industrial air conditioning units. We serve businesses throughout the South Yorkshire area and beyond, with our team of engineers on hand to visit your premises and carry out work on your system. Thanks to our expert knowledge, we can fix faults of all sizes, returning your air conditioning unit to full working order as quickly as possible. We’ll carry out work to the highest standard with minimal disruption to your business. Regular servicing will ensure that your unit says working effectively and efficiently over the years.

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