What Temperature Should My Home Be?

The UK government recommend an internal domestic temperature of 21°C. This is odd because most homes and their occupiers are happy at a temperature far below that and the issue is subjective anyway. Younger people require a lower temperature and the elderly or ill naturally require a higher temperature.


However, the internet has found a perfect temperature for each room in the home which we’ll share with you here. If you have air conditioning in each room, or underfloor heating throughout the home, then you’ll be lucky enough to be able to adjust each room to perfection.


The Best Temperature for Your Living Room

Many people like to lounge in the lounge. That means shorts and t-shirts in summer and at pyjamas and dressing gowns at the very most in winter. This means a general rule of thumb is ‘the warmer the better’. Though a warm living area is linked to better mood, especially in winter, remember that each degree will be reflected on your bill. It’s predicted that for each degree, you’ll add £60 a year to your energy bill.
Ideal temperature: 19-22°C


The Best Temperature for Your Bathroom

Not a soul in the world wants a cold bathroom. Because you’ll be dripping wet a good half of the time that you’re in there, you’ll want a comfortable temperature that takes into account your relatively low skin temperature when getting out of a bath or shower. If you can, only heat the room to optimal temperature while in use for long periods of time while bathing to save energy and money.
Ideal temperature: 23°C


Why Bedrooms Should be Cooler

It comes as a surprise to some people that bedrooms should be cooler, because your body will naturally heat up during its busy sleep cycle. This is why so many hotel chains consistently heat their rooms to 17°C. Your natural circadian rhythm is aided by having somewhere cool to rest. This is why it can be so difficult to get quality sleep on a hot and stuffy night. The ideal temperature will all depend on your age, metabolism, gender and health, so experiment with what works for you.
Ideal temperature: 15-20°C
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