Where should my AC be positioned?

Before discussing the correct position for your air conditioner, it is worth making clear that a trusted air conditioning installer will position your air conditioner in the optimal position to maximise efficiency and make your home, garage or place of business exactly the right temperature. These are just a few of the things an installations expert considers when fitting your new AC unit:

Installing the unit where you work or sleep

If you are installing one unit in the home, think about which room you spend most time in during the hotter daylight hours. If you work from home, this could be the study or living space. If you do not work from home, consider placing the unit in your bedroom; working away means you probably spend the majority of your time at home sleeping. In the bedroom, an air conditioner could provide the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep.

Installing the unit high enough

Hot air rises and cool air sinks to the bottom of a room. Therefore, the best position for an air conditioner in terms of height is invariably nearer to the ceiling. When it is too warm, cool air will cascade from the unit and cool the room more effectively. When warm air is needed, it is delivered directly at shoulder height, where its benefits can be felt quickest.

Air conditioning and doors

Advice varies regarding unit placement and doors. Installing near a door could mean inefficient heating and cooling as the unstable temperatures from draughts mean the unit reads room temperatures inconsistently. In these cases, the unit could get overstressed and fail. However, the unit must also be placed to work with the airflow of the room and not against it. It is ideal to get the best of both worlds, and you can be assured that a trained installations expert will know how to balance the unit airflow in relation to the room.

Do not install near a source of heat

For similar reasons, locations near ovens, radiators and fireplaces are not good candidates for air conditioner installation. The internal thermostat of an air conditioner is sensitive and being in proximity to something that produces heat could give inaccurate readings and make it run continuously. Correct positioning of an AC unit will not only provide you with the perfect environment, but saves you money too.

Now you can work out where your air conditioner unit will most likely be installed, you can have an informed discussion about air conditioner placement with your installations expert. A professional installer will always consider your preferences and factor these into the possible positions for your new air conditioning unit.

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