Why are there bad smells coming from my air conditioning?

Have you noticed bad smells coming from your air conditioning unit? If so, you might be feeling a little concerned. Whilst some of these odours can be fairly innocent, others can signify a more serious problem with your appliance. At FM Mechanical Ltd, we provide air conditioning servicing and maintenance in Sheffield, Barnsley, Hull, and Leeds. Get in touch to discuss any issues with your air conditioning system. If you’re wondering “why are there bad smells coming from my air conditioning?”, read on. 

Common air conditioner smells

Why are there bad smells coming from my air conditioning?

Your air conditioning system is what you rely on to make your home and office comfortable, particularly during the hot summer months. So, when you turn it on, you want it to deliver cool air to keep you feeling cool and relaxed. You don’t want it to produce a foul stench that’s reminiscent of rotten eggs or mould! Here are some of the most common air conditioner smells.

Smells like exhaust fumes

Since your air-con system doesn’t run on an internal combustion engine, there’s no reason why it should smell like car exhaust fumes. However, the issue might lie with the fact that the fluids used in the system can sometimes smell like exhaust fumes when heated. The problem might be a leak in the unit’s refrigerant line. Not only can a refrigerant leak cause your unit to function poorly but it can also be dangerous if the chemicals are released into the air. Get your air conditioning system inspected promptly by a professional if you notice this bad smell. 

Smells like burning 

Since there are many electrical components within an air conditioning system, it’s possible that one of them is actually burning. Don’t ignore this smell – shut the unit down right away and call in the experts. Don’t attempt to diagnose the problem yourself as this could be dangerous. Fortunately, a burning smell isn’t always a serious issue. The cause might be dust settling within the unit after not being used for several months. The dust can burn off when you first turn on the unit, producing the bad smell. This odour should only be temporary if the problem is a build-up of dust. If it persists, it’s vital that you call out an air conditioning engineer to inspect the unit.  

Smells like rotten eggs

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A smell like rotten eggs wafting through your house or office isn’t exactly pleasant, so it’s time to act quickly if you notice this odour coming from your air conditioning system. This nasty odour is usually a result of a dead animal decomposing with the ductwork. Birds, rodents, and insects can sometimes make their way into your home, particularly during the winter months to escape from the cold weather. They become trapped and so die and then decompose within your air-con unit. The bad smell can be particularly noticeable when the unit’s switched on since it’s then able to waft around the home. The animal needs to be removed as soon as possible by a professional air conditioning engineer. 

Smells musty or mouldy 

A musty or mouldy smell coming from an air conditioning unit isn’t unusual. Air conditioners are intended to improve air quality by drawing the surplus moisture and humidity from the air. Stagnant water can accumulate in the drip lines or ducts not draining correctly. Mould or mildew can grow into the system, causing a bad smell. Another possible reason for the musty or mouldy smell coming from your air-con unit is clogged filters. If the weather’s particularly hot and humid and you turn your system on after some time, moisture can build up in the filters, causing odours. You’ll need to call an air conditioning engineer who will be able to clean your unit’s lines and ducts thoroughly to remove the unpleasant smell.  

Invest in regular air conditioning servicing 

At FM Mechanical, many people come to us asking “why are there bad smells coming from my air conditioning unit?” Nasty odours are a surprisingly common problem and they’re something that our engineers deal with regularly. As you can see, these bad smells are often down to poor maintenance of air-con systems. Nasty odours are produced when they are not cleaned frequently enough or damage has occurred to components of the unit. 

When you invest in regular air conditioning servicing in Barnsley, Hull, Leeds, or Sheffield, your air-con unit can be inspected by experienced engineers. At FM Mechanical, our engineers are fully certified and have worked on air con systems from a huge range of manufacturers over the years. You can rest assured that they can identify the cause of the bad smell coming from your air conditioning and provide a solution to eliminating it as quickly as possible. 

Avoid fixing your air con unit yourself 

Although you can carry out some basic inspection and maintenance tasks yourself, including removing visible dirt and debris, testing airflow, and monitoring temperature, it’s best to call in professionals in most cases. Our engineers have been working in the industry for many years and are fully trained in all aspects of air conditioning maintenance and repairs. We know how to fix air-con units safely and effectively, improving their performance and increasing their lifespan. At FM Mechanical, we always adhere to the relevant air conditioning legislation, including the laws surrounding F-Gas.

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