Why Does My Air Conditioning Smell?

If your air conditioning unit has started to spew an unfamiliar, discomforting smell you will notice it immediately, but you might not be privy to the cause.

A constant, unknown smell coming from your air conditioner can be infuriating, so we thought it would be helpful to take a look at some of the causes of acrid air conditioner smells so they can be avoided or fixed in the future.

Filter issues

One of the most common causes of a smell coming from your air conditioner is either clogged or dirty filters. Your air con filters work by catching and stopping particles, which could potentially damage the interior components, from entering the machine. If these build up and clog the filters themselves, they will begin to affect the airflow, producing a distinct smell.

Mold and mildew can also begin to develop under these conditions, due to lingering moisture that the air conditioning unit is unable to fully remove. One of the first responses to a moldy smell emanating from your air conditioner should be to check the filters, and replace them if they are too dirty or clogged to function as they should.

Internal components or electrical problems

You might notice a burning smell coming from your air conditioner. This may be caused by collected dust being burned off when the unit is set to warm your room. In this case the smell should dissipate in time. If the smell lingers for too long – or if it is present when the unit is set to cool – the smell could signify an electrical issue causing the fan motor to overheat. You should turn off and unplug your unit and have professionals take a look at the internal components to find the fault and rectify the issue.

Drip pan problems

Mildew and mold can quickly develop if your drip pan is clogged or overflowing. If left unattended, the mold will spread throughout your unit, creating a distinct mildew smell. You should empty, clean and replace your drip pan if you notice that it is overflowing. However, if you then notice that the pan is filling up at an abnormally fast rate, this could signal further problems with a component inside the unit. If a simple clean and replace doesn’t do the trick, call in the professionals so they can find and fix the root of the problem.

Clogged drain line

Your air conditioner will need to drain water that is created as condensation, and this is done via the unit’s condensation drain line. The drain line runs from the evaporator coils to the drip pan – where the excess water is deposited – but the line can become clogged, through build up of algae, mold or mildew. Not only will this cause a mildew smell to emerge from your unit, but can also cause excess water to overflow inside your unit. This problem should be checked by professionals so they can perform a thorough clean and examination of the drain line itself and other interior components that may be affected.

Call in the pros

The best way to prevent unwanted smells from coming out of your air conditioning unit is to call in the professionals. Regular maintenance of your air con is essential for long term operation, and expert air conditioning servicing provided by an experienced firm will help keep it in pristine condition throughout its lifespan.

FM Mechanical Ltd have over 30 years of experience when it comes to providing professional air conditioning servicing and repairs. No matter what kind of system you have, the team at FM Mechanical Ltd can provide an efficient service to ensure that any fault or problem is handily repaired. If your air con unit needs professional attention, dont hesitate to contact us today.