Why Is My Air Conditioning Leaking Water?

Often, a small amount of leakage from your air conditioning unit can be relatively normal. So if you notice a puddle of water close by, it isn’t always necessary to call out a specialist. However, there are some circumstances when it comes to AC water leakage, where a contractor will have to be called. Here’s everything you need to know.

Signs That Your Air Conditioning is Leaking Too Much

As previously mentioned, a small amount of water leakage is completely normal for an AC unit. But how much is too much?

What’s Normal?

It’s perfectly normal for an AC unit to leak slightly from the condenser unit. This is generally down to condensation (only while it’s running) and is most likely to occur during the height of summer when temperatures are relatively high. It can also happen if you’ve set the thermostat to an unusually low temperature.

When Should You Call a Professional?

Your AC unit should only be leaking condensation while it’s running and in small amounts. So much so, the puddle of water should dry up over the course of an hour or two on a hot summer’s day. However, if you can’t tell how much water is leaking, or if the unit has been leaking for a whole day (or longer), then it’s recommended that you call in a safe and reliable contractor, our experts here at FM Mechanical can help.

Why Is My Air Conditioning Leaking?

There could be many reasons why your AC unit is leaking, such as:

  • Faulty installation – this is most likely to be the case if you have just had a brand new unit installed and it’s started to leak. It could have been improperly sized, or the installation of the unit was poor.
  • A dirty air filter – if the filter gradually becomes clogged or partially blocked, the unit’s evaporator coils can start to freeze. This can cause extra excess water to overflow from the drainage pan.
  • Low refrigerant level – when your AC’s refrigerant level is too low, it can cause a loss of pressure, subsequently freezing coils which can result in the overflow of the drain pan when the ice eventually melts.
  • Faulty condensate pan – as part of your AC unit, there’s a pan which is designed to hold water. If this breaks down due to corrosion or simple wear and tear, your air conditioning will start to leak.
  • Blocked drain pipe – usually, an air conditioner function will involve water which funnels through numerous drain pipes before eventually going down the drain. If one of those drain pipes become blocked, it can cause water to leak.
  • Cooler outdoor temperatures – If you’re trying to cool down your home when the outside temperature is 15°C or below, the coils could freeze, subsequently causing water leakage when the ice begins to melt.

Here at FM Mechanical, we have a team of expert engineers who are fully trained and highly qualified in installing, servicing and repairing air conditioning products. If you’re in need of a new AC system or would like an existing one servicing or repairing, get in touch with our friendly team today – we’re always happy to help.