A World Without Air Conditioning

In a world without the genius of Dr John Gorrie, Willis Carrier and Charles Gates – where would we be?
Without air conditioning, that’s where we’d be.

And what would the world look like without a reliable, cheap and efficient means of providing a temperate indoor environment?
That’s the question we’re here to answer. Read on for some surprising answers to 
the question we’ve all been asking ourselves: What would the world look like without air conditioning?


Smaller Windows

That’s right.
The reason office buildings, shopping centres and airports have humongous windows is because air conditioning is there to ensure the sun doesn’t overheat the building. Without it, these giant glass plates would act as magnifying glasses and we would be the ants. Thankfully, air conditioning keeps us from this crispy fate.

No Hollywood

This is true no matter where you live. Cinema complexes rely on air conditioning to keep their theatres cool. If there were no air conditioning available, the jumbo cinema theatres found around the globe would be too hot for customers to sit in comfort.
This is because of a number of factors to do with scale: namely, the large theatre, industrial projector and the hundreds of seats filled with people. When air conditioning was introduced to American theatres in the 20s, this helped to cause the boom in silent movie production.

Slower computers

Your average home computer would not be affected by a lack of air conditioning but the processing power of servers – which run everything from bank security systems to airline flight controls – would be too hot to cope.
Storing data on servers would be hard and having many servers in one room (known as a ‘server room’) would be impossible.

Not only would our current rate of work be slowed by the lack of computing power, but our progress and economic growth would see a direct negative impact, too.

Underperforming staff and pupils

There’s only one way to demotivate everyone in a room at once and that’s to make it too hot. Air conditioning allows schools and businesses to set their air temperature between 22 – 25°, which is the scientifically proven temperature range where employees and pupils are most productive.

Unsafe Workplaces

There are many jobs where concentration levels need to be at 100% in order for employees, customers, clients and patients to be safe.
Take medical staff, for example, who administer drugs or surgeons who undertake complex medical procedures to save lives.
Without reliable means to control temperature, important jobs that involve heavy machinery and medicine would be compromised with fatal results.

In short

Air conditioning makes it possible for great advances in cultural art forms, the continued education of our children, the increased productivity of our workers and the safety of patients around the world. So, to the humble air conditioner, we salute you.